Know / Be Able To documents are study guides with terms to KNOW (definitions, examples, etc...) and tasks to BE ABLE TO do (discuss, describe, explain...).  You may utilize these study guides prior to quizzes and tests to help you prepare.  These study guides will also be used as remediation when necessary.


scoring below 70% on any quiz or test will result in a loss of 1 participation point, which can be earned back by completing the following remediation assignment:

1. Make flashcards (hand written) for all appropriate terms from the KNOW section.

(you must contain your flashcards in an appropriate way, do not ask me for a paper clip.)

2. Complete the appropriate tasks from the BE ABLE TO section (also handwritten).  You must use (not define) at least 3 "Know" terms for each task.  Highlight each term.

This must be completed and turned in by the time of the next formal assessment.


Unit I - Nature & Perspectives

C1 Know/Be Able To

Unit II - Population & Migration

C2 Know/Be Able To       C3 Know/Be Able To

Unit III - Cultural Geography

C4 Know/Be Able To       C5 Know/Be Able To        Ch6 Know/Be Able To

Unit IV - Political Organization of Space

C7 Know/Be Able To       C8 Know/Be Able To

Unit V - Agricultural Geography

C9 Know/Be Able To

Unit VI - Economic Development Across Space

C10 Know/Be Able To       C11 Know Be Able To

Unit VII - Urban Geography

C12 Know/Be Able To     C13 Know/Be Able To